We have served our customers for over 117 years based on an ethos of simplicity and transparency in everything we do. Here's what we believe.

On Comfort

Every body is different, and people's bodies change over time. What is comfortable today may not be comfortable in ten years.This is why we offer many different comforts and styles in our excellent mattresses. Unlike newer companies in the mattress industry, we don't believe that one size or comfort can meet everyone's needs. This is why we work one-on-one with our customers to make sure that we fit the right product to the unique person you are today, so that you can be well rested for tomorrow.


On Materials

Every single component of a McRoskey mattress and box spring is there for a reason:  comfort that lasts.  Using the highest quality materials ensures that people sleep well, night after night, year after year. Every ingredient we use - from baled organic staple cotton to spring steel wire - has been lovingly tested and chosen to be the best material to support life-changing sleep for our customers.


On Manufacturing

We believe that making mattress the time-tested way results in deeper, healthier sleep for our customers than they would get on a “modern” mattress. The making of the thing matters; it takes a bit longer, and we have craftspeople and hand tools in our San Francisco factory instead of an array of faceless machines. We stubbornly continue to make our products this way because we believe it results in higher quality sleep for our customers, and a better quality of life for our workers.


On Pricing

In everything we do, we believe in transparency, honesty, and resilience. We make our mattresses ourselves in San Francisco and sell them directly to the consumer; there is no middleman markup. This is why, even though it takes six and a half hours to craft a queen-sized mattress out of components, our products are significantly more affordable than competitors’ mattresses of similar quality. We don’t mark product up just to “discount” during never ending “sales.” We refuse to scrimp on quality just to meet a low price point. Our prices are fair: you’re paying for quality materials, experienced design, loving craftsmanship and real customer service.


On Accountability

The McRoskey family and employees have been helping Bay Area residents sleep well for over 117 years. We have customer records going back to 1922, and we are proud to have relationships with our customers that span generations. We know that we wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for the community’s trust in us, our work and our products. If you have a problem with a McRoskey product, let us know, we will work overtime to resolve it.