Because we are passionate about life-changing sleep, we use materials that matter: materials that breathe, support, embrace and last. We go to work every day so you wake up refreshed, restored and ready to respond to the day ahead.


Wool is known for its superior moisture wicking abilities and its temperature regulating properties. Its incredible breathability, helps people sleep cooler. Because it is antimicrobial, it works as a natural air purifier, making it an ideal material for bedding. Eco Wool® blends fiber from eight different breeds of sheep to create strong, durable, lofty and resilient batting.

Eco Wool® comes from sheep that sustainably graze lands in California and Oregon, and is certified organically processed. It is tested to be free of any pesticide, herbicide, hormones and toxic molds by UC Davis, it is biodegradable.

Products: McRoskey NATURAL Tufted Collection


The loftiness of Organic Staple Cotton, as well as it’s breathability makes it a superb filling material. It provides cushioning, support and cool sleep.

The cotton we use is USA grown and certified Organic; it is biodegradable.

Products: McRoskey CLASSIC, PLATFORM and BASIC Tufted Collections


Finest quality polyester staple fiber supplies resilience and adds durability to comfort and cushioning.

Polyester fiber is infinitely recyclable; it is inherantly stable and does not release smells.

Products: McRoskey CLASSIC, PLATFORM and BASIC Tufted Collections


Natural Talalay latex provides pressure relieving support; it is inherently breathable.

Talalay latex is made from the sap of rubber trees, worked in the Talalay process, resulting in the final material to be full of consistent round, open chambers. As it is pure rubber, it is recyclable at the end of life.

Products: McRoskey NATURAL and PLATFORM Tufted Collections


All of our mattresses and box springs are covered with a tightly woven cotton ticking that is as durable as what’s inside our mattresses and box springs. Our USA Made cotton ticking is breathable and has a wonderful hand feel.

It is woven to our specifications, it's strength helps us build a two sided, tufted mattress.Products: All McRoskey Mattresses and Box Springs


The spring steel coil system is at the heart of every McRoskey mattress and box spring. Our coils made from USA steel provide resilient and supple support.

Mattresses and box springs made with well formed coils are more durable; comfort lasts longer than any other mattress or box spring construction technique. Steel is fully recyclable.

Products: All McRoskey Mattresses and Box Springs


The wood used in our Box Spring frames and foundations is Grade A Spruce, Pine or Fir. Our wood is sourced from a Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance Certified supplier.

Products: All McRoskey Box Springs


The Flame Resistant Barrier material is blend of silicated rayon bonded with a polyester fiber. No chemicals are applied to this fabric.

Products: All McRoskey Mattresses and Box Springs