Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Place for Rejuvenation
Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Place for Rejuvenation

Tips to Turn Your Bedroom into a Place for Rejuvenation

Everyone needs a place to get away from it all. With a few simple changes you can turn your bedroom into an instant retreat, a relaxing space to adjust the attitude and evoke the senses. Here are several tips from Palo Alto-based interior designer Fawni Hill, vice president of interior design for Larick Alan Hill Architects, on creating an environment for rejuvenation.

  • Expand your bedroom space. Fawni says that although other rooms in the home are trending smaller, bedroom design is moving toward a larger master suite (see our new 7x7 mattress for more space).
  • Bring nature into your bedroom. Use colors such as sea gray blue, celery green, and the purples and violets you would see in mountains. These colors that evoke the earth, sea and sky physically calm us and have symbolic meaning of trust and commitment, of things you can always count on.
  • Also consider adding the elements of nature – a fireplace, heated stone or hardwood floors, natural wool carpets or even a quiet fountain.
  • Opt for natural bedding. Go for a mix of high-quality cotton and natural materials.
  • Get comfortable with your furnishings. Comfort is the ultimate in luxury according to Fawni and I agree wholeheartedly.
  • Seek out high quality and, whenever possible, locally made products. Today’s luxury doesn’t necessarily equate to high cost, but rather high quality and comfort. She adds that this is where a high quality McRoskey mattress comes into the picture. She says that using locally made products is very important to my clients now. It is another form of luxury in a sense.