Design and Mattress Tips for a Loft Space

For many, living in an expansive loft space is an integral part of an urban lifestyle. Lofts are youthful, artsy and fun. In a loft space, you have plenty of room to expand your living space and truly relax.

Having a large open space also presents a great opportunity to have fun with interior design, artwork and the living layout. Often a loft space will allow you to create interesting room dividers using non-traditional building materials, interesting fabrics and custom furnishings.


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How to Sleep to Improve Alignment and Help Alleviate Back Pain

San Francisco, Calif., September 20, 2012 – If you’re waking up with back pain, it may be due to the way you’re sleeping rather than a medical ailment. That’s according to renowned balance expert Jean Couch, founder of the Palo Alto-based Balance Center. “Misaligned bones create chronic tension,” Couch explains. “We can alleviate tension and pain by sitting, standing, bending and sleeping differently. Practicing proper alignment in bed takes stress off the joints and allows the muscles to relax for a more restful sleep.”


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Walking Out a McRoskey Mattress

Jumping on your bed. As a kid you loved jumping on your bed (although your parents probably wagged a finger and said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”) What if you could do it as a grown-up and make a living at it?

At the McRoskey mattress factory jumping on the mattresses is part of the process! It is in the job description of our mattress filler, Rueben Reynosa. We call it “walking out” the mattress. This unusual but very necessary step happens after a mattress is filled with layers and layers of cotton, polyester or wool batting but before it is tufted.


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Sleep on This: Good Books About Sleep

Reading and sleep just naturally go together. To take this partnering a step further, here are three books that provide interesting advice on getting good sleep and rest for adults and children. Please note that we do not endorse these books but are providing them as an informational resource.

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Make Your Bedroom a Comfortable Place

I love the event of getting into bed at the end of the day. Feeling the embrace of my mattress (McRoskey byDesign of course) and the touch of cotton percale sheets, tugging on my camel hair blanket so it’s under my chin and positioning my pillows for comfy head and neck suppoBedroom Dreamrt.
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10 Reasons McRoskey is on 10 Best Mattress List

10BestThe newest edition of National Geographic’s 10 Best of
includes McRoskey Mattress Company on the 10 best mattresses list. This is an endorsement that we happen to think is well deserved.

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Specifying a Mattress for a Sleeper Sofa

Next week I will have the pleasure of talking about one of my favorite things — McRoskey mattress manufacturing and our custom mattresses — to a group of designers and furniture industry professionals.

I’ll be speaking at an event called How to Build and Specify Custom Furniture, Bedding and Drapery Day on July 17. Sponsored by fine furnishings representative Rafe Bethell & Associates, the event will be held at the Hayward, CA factory of fellow San Francisco Bay Area manufacturer Cypress Furniture. Read more

Better Sleep Tips for Kids

San Francisco, Calif., July 23, 2012 – Helping children get the sleep they need is important for their health, happiness and well being. According to the Better Sleep Council, sleep is critical for a child’s physical and mental development. Also, kids’ sleep needs change as they age. On average, infants need 16 hours of sleep per day; toddlers require 12 hours; pre-schoolers need 10.5 to 11.5 hours; and children six and older need 9 to 10 hours of snooze time. One important sleep tip: a well-rested parent is far better equipped to help their children get enough rest. Read more