McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the McRoskey Palo Alto showroom with some amazing Bay Area artists. Every Wednesday during September in our Palo Alto Showroom, we will be having an event featuring a local musician. DF Tram will be joining us at our September 28th event.

DF Tram
DF Tram, DJ and Producer



DF Tram
DF Tram

DF Tram is a somewhat of a mysterious DJ and producer from San Francisco who is highly regarded in the North American underground electronic music scene. Known for his unique style of mixing and producing, his chilled DJ sets are second to none as far as innovation is concerned. When not behind the decks DF Tram is always busy creating beautiful and thought-provoking music through various projects, such as The Sound Capsule, Jump/Cut and also as a member of The Ambi-Sonic Collective. You can catch his weirdly wonderful sounds at one of his regular gigs in the Bay Area or at clubs and festivals around the world. DF Tram has played at some of the best electronic music venues in the world such as The Big Chill Festival (UK), Niceto in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chillits in San Francisco and many, many more. DF Tram was also nominated for a prestigious DJ Award in the downtempo/eclectic category at the Ibiza DJ awards (2008). In the summer of 2015 he released his debut solo artist album on Steve Miller’s Subatomic UK label.



Listen to this award-winning DJ/producer on SoundCloud.

SF Open Studios @ McRoskey 10/22 & 10/23

October 22-23, 2016 McRoskey will host SF ArtSpan Open Studios. McRoskey Mattress Co. is overjoyed to be a host for Open Studios in San Francisco.
October 22nd & 23rd, from 11-6, we will be hosting these fantastic artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft. Come by and support the arts!

Here’s a list of the artists that will be showing with us:
Sandra Speidel – figurative paintings
Dawn Leigh – illustrator who uses unusual materials, like red wine
Liana Steinmetz – bold, landscape paintings
Jack Mattingly – flat bas-relief sculptures
Bill Lies – modern portraiture
Brian Huber – abstract artist
Fernando Reyes – figurative painter
Peggy Millar – collage and figurative painting
Walter Xu – potter
Ryan McCullen – ceramic art, animals and functional ware
Kaytea Petro – sculpture and illustration
Beverly Wagstaff – abstract painting
Larry Fowler – mixed media paintings
The Artist Hines – abstract painting

SF Open Studios, the oldest and largest open studios program in the country, is an annual, month-long art event in October and November that showcases over 800 emerging and established San Francisco artists in their studios. 2016 marks the 41st annual SF Open Studios event. The event connects collectors with artists for engaging dialogue and a glimpse into the life of the working artist; SF Open Studios simultaneously helps artists build their mailing list, gain new admirers, and ultimately sustain a living making art.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: McRoskey Mattress Company Launches “Sleep Your Way to the Top”

Contest to Celebrate Latest Advances in Premium Mattress Construction
SAN FRANCISCO (July 14, 2016) – The McRoskey Mattress Company, established in San Francisco in 1899 and renowned as one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of hand-crafted, ultra-premium mattresses and box springs, has taken a page from its illustrious history to create its finest mattresses ever.

#SleepYourWayToTheTop Contest Logo
#SleepYourWayToTheTop Contest Logo

To celebrate the latest chapter in its 117-year history, and mindful that a good night’s sleep is key to success in any endeavor, the company has launched its first social media contest, “Sleep Your Way to the Top.”  The winning entry will receive a complimentary McRoskey Classic Tufted queen set, valued at $5200.

To enter, follow the guidelines posted on the McRoskey website ( or contest microsite ( for Instagram contest, or for Facebook version)  “We all know that a good night’s sleep is the key to professional success…but it doesn’t always happen.  Did you stay up too late binge-watching Netflix?  Don’t know how that pizza got in your hair?  Have the world’s most epically horrible bed head?  We want to see photos of the worst night’s sleep in America; the funniest and most creative wins a free McRoskey Classic Tufted queen set.  The more horribly you sleep, the more you deserve a good night’s rest on a sumptuous McRoskey mattress.  To enter, provide an image with caption, follow @McRoskeyMattressSF on Instagram, tag us with #SleepYourWaytotheTop and #TimeForMcRoskey, ensure that your friends, family, etc. like your image.  The contest ends on August 31, 2016.  Lewd photos will be disqualified.”

The McRoskey family has been perfecting the art of sleep comfort since Edward L. McRoskey and his brother Leonard opened their San Francisco factory in 1899.  Quietly and without fanfare, McRoskey became the mattress of choice of the most discerning clientele, first in San Francisco and today all over the world, including an impressive but never-to-be-revealed roster of celebrity devotees.

“We’re one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets,” noted Robin McRoskey Azevedo, president and third-generation owner of the McRoskey Mattress Company, “except for the tens of thousands of people who wouldn’t dream of sleeping on anything else.”

McRoskey remains one of only a handful of mattress companies that designs and manufactures its own mattresses – each hand-crafted and made to order.  Moreover, McRoskey manufactures in-house almost every mattress and box spring component from its steel spring coils to the exacting blend of lush filling materials, and all cotton ticking ensuring each mattress is made to the highest standards for comfort, durability and aesthetics.

McRoskey builds three lines.  Each Natural Tufted, Classic Tufted and Basic Tufted mattress features 100 percent cotton ticking, enhanced filling materials, and updated tufting techniques.  McRoskey Mattress Company continues to use top-quality natural and man-made materials that can be fully recycled at the product’s end of life.

On May 1, 1931, Edward L. McRoskey filed his first patent for the McRoskey Tufting Machine, designed to make the tufts stronger, ease the arduous needle work of the mattress makers, and significantly increase the durability of the mattress.  Today the company continues to build a two-sided, tufted mattress, a construction technique — now abandoned by most manufacturers — that results in lasting comfort.  In 2016, the company introduced new tufting machinery to its shop floor allowing for operator ease and a yet stronger tuft.

“New equipment passes for big excitement at McRoskey,” said McRoskey Azevedo.  “So we decided to tell the world.”

McRoskey Mattress Company has two showrooms in the Bay Area – San Francisco and Palo Alto – open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 p.m.  Their mattresses are also on display at custom furniture showrooms including Made in Pescadero and Berkeley Mills.  For more information, please visit

“With nearly 120 years of satisfied McRoskey customers, we are proud of the quality materials we continue to use and the construction techniques we continue to employ,” said McRoskey Azevedo.  “Our company has never been tempted to stray from the proven mattress and box spring construction principles that provide true, enduring value.”


About McRoskey Mattress Company

Founded in San Francisco in 1899, McRoskey Mattress Company designs and manufactures premium mattresses and box springs.  With a dedication to comfort and quality, every McRoskey mattress is crafted using time-tested materials and construction techniques passed down through five generations of family members.  The company has three mattress lines available for purchase – The Natural Tufted, The Classic Tufted, and The Basic Tufted – which are built to order and can be custom-sized.  McRoskey Mattress Company also offers a selection of down pillows, luxurious blankets, duvets, linens, featherbeds, mattress toppers, and mattress protectors.

In Search of the Perfect Pillow

pillows_buyingOther than the mattress and box spring, pillows are the most important piece of bedding to ensure a comfortable, restful and healthy night’s sleep. The perfect pillow can greatly enhance the quality of sleep by maintaining your spine’s alignment and providing the best positioning for your head and neck. Since everyone’s bodies and needs are a little bit different, your “perfect” pillow is going to be specific to you.

Here’s some things to consider when selecting a pillow.

Your preferred sleep position – are you a side, back, or belly sleeper?

  • If you primarily sleep on your stomach or your back, consider a soft pillow.
  • Combination side and back sleepers often find a medium firmness to be a good choice.
  • If you sleep primarily on your side, a firm pillow is best. The Dr. Mary Side Sleeper is a great choice if you’re exclusively a side sleeper; it was designed by noted Sports Chiropractor Dr. Mary Collings.

What other physical features are unique to you?

Pillow care – take care of them so they can take care of you…

Now that you’ve found your perfect pillow, your should take care of it, so it will last for years to come. Properly cared for, pillows should last up to 2-3 years!

Pillow Care:

  • Plump daily. To plump or fluff your pillow, grab the corners on the short end and tap it against the bed surface two or three times. Flip the pillow and do the same thing on the other end. Do this each morning when you make your bed. When you climb in, your pillow will be ready for you.
  • Wash cases and protectors weekly. Toss your pillow cases and pillow protectors in the wash each week.
  • Replace old pillows regularly. Assess your pillow’s comfort regularly to make sure it’s still providing the best spine alignment and head and neck positioning. When your pillow starts to make your neck, shoulders or head hurt, it’s probably time to replace it.

#SleepYourWaytotheTop Contest

#SleepYourWayToTheTop Contest LogoWoke up on the wrong side of the bed? Win a sumptuous bed from McRoskey Mattress Co ($5200 value)!   

We all know that a good night’s sleep is the key to professional success…but it doesn’t always happen. Did you stay up too late binge watching Netflix? Toss and turn all night and wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Have a late night out?  Don’t know how that pizza got in your hair? Have the world’s most epically horrible bed head? Have a baby waking you up every ten minutes?

We want to see photos capturing the worst night sleep in America; the funniest and most creative wins a free McRoskey Classic Tufted queen set ($5200 value!)  The more horribly you sleep, the more you deserve a good night’s rest on a sumptuous McRoskey mattress.

To enter, provide an image based on the rules above (and caption), follow @McRoskeyMattressSF on Instagram, tag us with #SleepYourWaytotheTop as well as #TimeForMcRoskey and ensure that your friends, family, etc. like your image. The most creative out of the images with the most likes wins. View contest landing page here.

Contest ends on August 31st, 2016. Lewd photos will be disqualified.

Comfort Ingredients: A Primer

Innerspring unit - the "heart" of the mattress.
Innerspring unit – the “heart” of the mattress.

We take great pride in the materials that we choose to craft our amazingly comfortable mattresses. Fiber, wire and wood are our ingredients for comfort.

The McRoskey steel innerspring unit is the heart of our mattresses. We form our own responsive coils, then lace, reinforce, and heat-treat them so they respond and contour to your body for unparalleled support.

In our Classic Tufted mattresses, we use generous amounts of organic cotton and polyester fiber filling. Both sides of the innerspring unit are upholstered with layer upon layer of this heavenly batting. In our Natural Tufted mattresses we use an abundance of wool and two layers of 100% Natural talalay latex for an extra comfort layer.

A cart full of cotton batts at our Minnesota St. factory.
A cart full of cotton batts at our Minnesota St. factory.

We still make a true box spring to relieve pressure. The McRoskey box spring contains steel coils, links, cross ties and framing wire surrounded by wood from spruce, pine or fir trees.

Our pinstripe ticking is a 100% woven cotton for optimal breathability.

Edward L. McRoskey and the History of Tufting

McRoskey & Co's Harrison St. building. The building is still there.
McRoskey & Co’s Harrison St. building around the time of the 1906 earthquake. The building is still there.

In the late 1800’s, the McRoskey brothers, Edward and Leonard, moved from St. Louis to San Francisco to sell mattress manufacturing equipment to mattress makers on the West Coast. They arrived in the middle of a nationwide economic shock and discovered that there weren’t many mattress manufacturers in the area, and decided to set up shop making mattresses themselves.


McRoskey Mattress Company Opens in 1899

Edward L. McRoskey, inventor and visionary.

They established McRoskey Mattress Company in 1899, with a small factory in a rented space on Sutter Street. They moved to a showroom and factory on Harrison Street sometime before the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. Because the neighborhood was spared the inferno’s flames, the disaster ended up being good for business, as many San Franciscans needed to replace their incinerated beds. According to family lore, the lines were around the corner for several months after the earthquake at the Harrison Street location.

In the 1920s the two brothers became competitors: Leonard continued to operate McRoskey & Co. while Edward opened his store at 1506 Market Street under the name of Edward L. McRoskey Mattress Company. In 1925, Edward built a new factory and showroom at 1687 Market Street where the company continues to operate today. He was very forward-thinking with the building’s construction and design, it was built out of reinforced concrete to help it withstand future earthquakes. In 1929, Edward’s brother Leonard passed away and his business was closed.


Edward L. McRoskey's patented tufting system.
Edward L. McRoskey’s patented tufting system.

Edward L. McRoskey and his Tufting Machines

Edward L. McRoskey was a passionate inventor and loved to create new machines and processes to increase quality and efficiency. One of the major problems when constructing a mattress is how to align all the padding and get it to stay in place over time.

Traditionally mattresses would be tufted, a process where a long needle with heavy thread would be drawn through the many layers of mattress material and then tied taught, making a small divot – or tuft – on each side of the mattress, a process similar to quilting.  Tufted mattresses look a bit like upholstered couch cushions. The problem was – and is – that mattress materials are very fluffy, and so getting the tufts taught and evenly spaced can be a fabrication challenge.

Edward decided that the solution lay with creating a machine that would compress the mattresses all at once, to simplify adding taught even tufts. On May 1,1931 he filed for his first patent (U.S. Patent No. 1,977,856) for a machine that was known as the time as the McRoskey Tufting Machine, it was a predecessor to what is now known as a gate compressor. A few months later, he received a patent (U.S. Patent No. 1,931,202) for a new tufting process enabled by his innovative machine. These tufts were stronger and required much less needle work from the mattress makers.

A few years later, Edward decided to refine the process even further, so he invented a button threading machine (U.S. Patent No. 2,088,865) to add buttons to mattress tufts. He later refined tufting even further by inventing a hand tool to tuft with, eliminating the need for a long upholstery needle (U.S. Patent No. 2,176,141), and increasing the resiliency and springiness of the mattresses constructed using it.


Edward L. McRoskey’s patent application for a mattress tufting device.

Tufting Today

In the past 40 years, many mattress manufacturers have abandoned the traditional tufting process, replacing it with less expensive (and sometimes toxic) glues that inhibit airflow through the mattress. Through all this, McRoskey Mattress Company has stayed true to our heritage as tufting innovators. Our mattresses are held together the natural way – with tufts – meaning that our product allows for airflow for maximal sleeping comfort, lasts a long time and is repairable for durability. You won’t find any glue in a McRoskey mattress, because we do things the traditional, and we think the better way.


Rebirth of a Classic

We are pleased to announce that we have recently upgraded our tufting equipment to closely resemble the machines invented by Edward in the 1930’s, (although these tufting machines use computers to line up the tufts, and automatically tie them off instead of the process happening entirely by hand). These new machines mean a better product for our end users as well as a safer manufacturing process for our workers. We are proud to be part of the heritage of quality mattress manufacturing, as well as the history of American Makers.

Our new mattresses have a pinstriped ticking, as a nod to the traditional mattress manufacturing; processes which we continue to celebrate at our factory today.


An open letter to manufacturers who were trying to steal McRoskey Tufting around the mid 20th century.
An open letter to manufacturers who were trying infringe upon patented McRoskey Tufting around the mid 20th century.

McRoskey Named to “America’s Best Small Companies” List

Forbes Magazine Honors San Francisco Mattress Company

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – February 23, 2016) – McRoskey Mattress Company today announced Forbes Magazine has named it to its 2016 “America’s Best Small Companies” list. The 117-year-old San Francisco firm was selected for its products’ excellence, and the company’s management and contributions to its community and to

Forbes refers to the companies on its list as “25 Small Giants that have chosen to be great instead of big”. Founded in San Francisco in 1899,McRoskey continues to use proprietary construction techniques and materials to make its mattresses and box springs, and is truly a “maker” — a manufacturer that crafts a premium product. McRoskey advises and sells directly to loyal customers at its retail showrooms in Palo Alto and San Francisco, ensuring their purchase pays for quality craftsmanship and materials — not a middleman. Not only are customers loyal; employees are, too. Of the current 30 employees, 15 have been there for 15 years, 2 for 20 years and one for 36 years.

“I value all our customers, but among my favorites are those who choose our mattress because they value quality and trust McRoskey — even though the price is an investment,” said Robin McRoskey Azevedo, CEO.

McRoskey is a third generation family-owned business led by CEO Robin McRoskey Azevedo, the granddaughter of one of the founders. She has worked at the firm since 1980, learning the company values from her father and uncle, as well as how to build the business and manufacture a premium product. Emblematic of McRoskey’s company values, Ms.
Azevedo is a founding board member of SF Made, an organization that supports companies that manufacture locally-made products. McRoskey CEOs have also been members of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club for over 50 years.

Forbes selected companies for its list based on several criteria, including that the company is/has: acknowledged as outstanding by industry experts; recognized for its contributions to society; maintained its financial health for at least ten years; and frontline employees that have real interaction with top leaders.

About McRoskey Mattress Company

McRoskey Mattress Company has handcrafted premium mattresses and box springs in San Francisco since its founding in 1899. For more information, visit or call the San Francisco (415-861-4532) and Palo Alto (650-327-1966), California showrooms. Factory tours available upon request.

Embedded Video Available

Why Should I Buy Quality Bed Linen

Your Mattress Matters … and so does your bed linen.

Quality bed linen pleases the eye and pleases the body!

A nicely made bed is comforting. Imagine looking forward to getting into bed at the end of your very busy day.

quality bed linen

For the best of sheet sensations we recommend linens made from Egyptian cotton woven and finished in Italy. Our favorite weave is a percale weave: it’s crisp and it’s cool. You’ll be investing in divine comfort that is heavenly!

About Egyptian cotton:

Impacted by perfect conditions of humidity and rich soil along the Nile River, Egyptian cotton grows into long fibers that result in properties of softness, strength, durability and breathability.

About Italian linen:

Quality bed linen making has been part of the Italian culture for centuries. These artisans sew, cut and finish sheets better than anyone else in the world. The resulting product is of the highest quality, best value and a most luxurious feel.

Linen Care Instructions:

  • Wash separately in warm water on a gentle cycle with a cool rinse.
  • Use a non chlorine bleach detergent and use only half the recommended amount.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach; when necessary use an oxygen based bleach.
  • If possible, line dry. Otherwise shake out damp linens before placing in dryer; tumble dry on low heat until slightly damp.
  • Remove promptly, smooth, fold and press if desired.

A tip: Iron your pillow cases and iron the top 18″ of the flat sheet.  Your made bed will look fit for royalty. That would be you!

Where to Buy:

As a service to our customers, McRoskey Mattress provides the highest quality bed linen. We source only the best and have chosen linen products from Malouf and Anichini. In addition to Italian linens we sell other premium bedding including down pillows, duvets and featherbeds from Northern Feather Canada and The Pillow Bar; blankets and toppers made in France by Brun de Vian-Tiran. All are available at our Palo Alto and San Francisco showroom and online as noted on our website.