Design and Mattress Tips for a Loft Space

For many, living in an expansive loft space is an integral part of an urban lifestyle. Lofts are youthful, artsy and fun. In a loft space, you have plenty of room to expand your living space and truly relax.

Having a large open space also presents a great opportunity to have fun with interior design, artwork and the living layout. Often a loft space will allow you to create interesting room dividers using non-traditional building materials, interesting fabrics and custom furnishings.


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Mattress Buying Demystified

You spend over a third of your life in bed (or you should!). So it’s worth spending the time to make sure you’re choosing the right mattress and box spring for you.

106-copy-1Health and wellness professionals and sleep experts alike concur that a comfortable night’s sleep can make you feel better, have more energy and increase that spring in your step. Owning a high-quality, supportive and comfortable mattress and box spring is an essential part of getting the rest you need. With the dizzying array of bed and mattress products on the market today buying the right one can be a confusing experience.

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Pillow Buying Demystified

pillows_buyingPillows are an essential element of a good night’s rest, a fact well understood by San Francisco-based luxury mattress maker McRoskey Mattress Company. McRoskey has been making mattresses and box springs in San Francisco since 1899, and also sells a full selection of luxurious, comfortable pillows.

According to McRoskey owner Robin McRoskey Azevedo, comfort is at the heart of selecting the right pillow just as it is when choosing your mattress and box spring. She explains, “The goal of the perfect sleeping pillow is to provide comfortable support while relieving stress on the neck.” Read more