#SleepYourWaytotheTop Contest

#SleepYourWayToTheTop Contest LogoWoke up on the wrong side of the bed? Win a sumptuous bed from McRoskey Mattress Co ($5200 value)!   

We all know that a good night’s sleep is the key to professional success…but it doesn’t always happen. Did you stay up too late binge watching Netflix? Toss and turn all night and wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Have a late night out?  Don’t know how that pizza got in your hair? Have the world’s most epically horrible bed head? Have a baby waking you up every ten minutes?

We want to see photos capturing the worst night sleep in America; the funniest and most creative wins a free McRoskey Classic Tufted queen set ($5200 value!)  The more horribly you sleep, the more you deserve a good night’s rest on a sumptuous McRoskey mattress.

To enter, provide an image based on the rules above (and caption), follow @McRoskeyMattressSF on Instagram, tag us with #SleepYourWaytotheTop as well as #TimeForMcRoskey and ensure that your friends, family, etc. like your image. The most creative out of the images with the most likes wins. View contest landing page here.

Contest ends on August 31st, 2016. Lewd photos will be disqualified.

Comfort Ingredients: A Primer

Innerspring unit - the "heart" of the mattress.
Innerspring unit – the “heart” of the mattress.

We take great pride in the materials that we choose to craft our amazingly comfortable mattresses. Fiber, wire and wood are our ingredients for comfort.

The McRoskey steel innerspring unit is the heart of our mattresses. We form our own responsive coils, then lace, reinforce, and heat-treat them so they respond and contour to your body for unparalleled support.

In our Classic Tufted mattresses, we use generous amounts of organic cotton and polyester fiber filling. Both sides of the innerspring unit are upholstered with layer upon layer of this heavenly batting. In our Natural Tufted mattresses we use an abundance of wool and two layers of 100% Natural talalay latex for an extra comfort layer.

A cart full of cotton batts at our Minnesota St. factory.
A cart full of cotton batts at our Minnesota St. factory.

We still make a true box spring to relieve pressure. The McRoskey box spring contains steel coils, links, cross ties and framing wire surrounded by wood from spruce, pine or fir trees.

Our pinstripe ticking is a 100% woven cotton for optimal breathability.

Edward L. McRoskey and the History of Tufting

McRoskey & Co's Harrison St. building. The building is still there.
McRoskey & Co’s Harrison St. building around the time of the 1906 earthquake. The building is still there.

In the late 1800’s, the McRoskey brothers, Edward and Leonard, moved from St. Louis to San Francisco to sell mattress manufacturing equipment to mattress makers on the West Coast. They arrived in the middle of a nationwide economic shock and discovered that there weren’t many mattress manufacturers in the area, and decided to set up shop making mattresses themselves.


McRoskey Mattress Company Opens in 1899

Edward L. McRoskey, inventor and visionary.

They established McRoskey Mattress Company in 1899, with a small factory in a rented space on Sutter Street. They moved to a showroom and factory on Harrison Street sometime before the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. Because the neighborhood was spared the inferno’s flames, the disaster ended up being good for business, as many San Franciscans needed to replace their incinerated beds. According to family lore, the lines were around the corner for several months after the earthquake at the Harrison Street location.

In the 1920s the two brothers became competitors: Leonard continued to operate McRoskey & Co. while Edward opened his store at 1506 Market Street under the name of Edward L. McRoskey Mattress Company. In 1925, Edward built a new factory and showroom at 1687 Market Street where the company continues to operate today. He was very forward-thinking with the building’s construction and design, it was built out of reinforced concrete to help it withstand future earthquakes. In 1929, Edward’s brother Leonard passed away and his business was closed.


Edward L. McRoskey's patented tufting system.
Edward L. McRoskey’s patented tufting system.

Edward L. McRoskey and his Tufting Machines

Edward L. McRoskey was a passionate inventor and loved to create new machines and processes to increase quality and efficiency. One of the major problems when constructing a mattress is how to align all the padding and get it to stay in place over time.

Traditionally mattresses would be tufted, a process where a long needle with heavy thread would be drawn through the many layers of mattress material and then tied taught, making a small divot – or tuft – on each side of the mattress, a process similar to quilting.  Tufted mattresses look a bit like upholstered couch cushions. The problem was – and is – that mattress materials are very fluffy, and so getting the tufts taught and evenly spaced can be a fabrication challenge.

Edward decided that the solution lay with creating a machine that would compress the mattresses all at once, to simplify adding taught even tufts. On May 1,1931 he filed for his first patent (U.S. Patent No. 1,977,856) for a machine that was known as the time as the McRoskey Tufting Machine, it was a predecessor to what is now known as a gate compressor. A few months later, he received a patent (U.S. Patent No. 1,931,202) for a new tufting process enabled by his innovative machine. These tufts were stronger and required much less needle work from the mattress makers.

A few years later, Edward decided to refine the process even further, so he invented a button threading machine (U.S. Patent No. 2,088,865) to add buttons to mattress tufts. He later refined tufting even further by inventing a hand tool to tuft with, eliminating the need for a long upholstery needle (U.S. Patent No. 2,176,141), and increasing the resiliency and springiness of the mattresses constructed using it.


Edward L. McRoskey’s patent application for a mattress tufting device.

Tufting Today

In the past 40 years, many mattress manufacturers have abandoned the traditional tufting process, replacing it with less expensive (and sometimes toxic) glues that inhibit airflow through the mattress. Through all this, McRoskey Mattress Company has stayed true to our heritage as tufting innovators. Our mattresses are held together the natural way – with tufts – meaning that our product allows for airflow for maximal sleeping comfort, lasts a long time and is repairable for durability. You won’t find any glue in a McRoskey mattress, because we do things the traditional, and we think the better way.


Rebirth of a Classic

We are pleased to announce that we have recently upgraded our tufting equipment to closely resemble the machines invented by Edward in the 1930’s, (although these tufting machines use computers to line up the tufts, and automatically tie them off instead of the process happening entirely by hand). These new machines mean a better product for our end users as well as a safer manufacturing process for our workers. We are proud to be part of the heritage of quality mattress manufacturing, as well as the history of American Makers.

Our new mattresses have a pinstriped ticking, as a nod to the traditional mattress manufacturing; processes which we continue to celebrate at our factory today.


An open letter to manufacturers who were trying to steal McRoskey Tufting around the mid 20th century.
An open letter to manufacturers who were trying infringe upon patented McRoskey Tufting around the mid 20th century.

10 Reasons McRoskey is on 10 Best Mattress List

10BestThe newest edition of National Geographic’s 10 Best of
includes McRoskey Mattress Company on the 10 best mattresses list. This is an endorsement that we happen to think is well deserved.

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Specifying a Mattress for a Sleeper Sofa

Next week I will have the pleasure of talking about one of my favorite things — McRoskey mattress manufacturing and our custom mattresses — to a group of designers and furniture industry professionals.

I’ll be speaking at an event called How to Build and Specify Custom Furniture, Bedding and Drapery Day on July 17. Sponsored by fine furnishings representative Rafe Bethell & Associates, the event will be held at the Hayward, CA factory of fellow San Francisco Bay Area manufacturer Cypress Furniture. Read more

Factory Tours are Great Family Fun

In April 2012, a family on spring break toured our mattress factory in the Central Waterfront District of San Francisco. The parents were visiting the area with their two children and two nieces all between the ages of 8 and 12.



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Need a Giant Bed?

At McRoskey Mattress we’re quite often called upon to build custom size beds. Some of these mattresses are for antique bedsteads or custom-built headboards. We’ve also built mattresses for boats and specific locations in a residence. But the bed pictured below is a very unusual custom mattress, even for the McRoskey factory.


It is one of the largest mattresses we’ve ever made. It measures 108″ wide x 108″ long — very large, indeed. Our staff enjoyed the challenge of handcrafting this mattress set and when it was done they decided to give it a try.


What Happens to Those Old Mattresses?

Here at McRoskey, we are true believers in the importance of recycling old mattresses. Every mattress that is taken apart and its materials reused is one less mattress that is taking up space in a landfill.


Here’s our process for mattress recycling. When a customer’s new McRoskey mattress set is locally delivered, McRoskey picks up their old mattresses and box springs for teardown and recycling. McRoskey sends the old mattresses to a transfer station where product is directed to DR3, a mattress teardown facility just across the bay in Oakland, California.

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