ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Liana Steinmetz, Contemporary Landscape Painter

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

Liana Steinmetz, Contemporary Landscape Painter



Reasons for Staying by Liana Steinmetz, Oil on Canvas, 24″x48″, available at Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

Liana Steinmetz is a lover of art and all things outdoors. She’s been painting professionally for ten years. Her passion is taking her paints outside and capturing a moment in time that expresses the soothing drama of expansive landscapes.

Liana grew up in Marin County, California where redwood forests meet the ocean and miles of grassy hills touch the bay. When she wasn’t outside exploring, she was at home, engrossed in an art project. After graduating from college, where she studied Anthropology, Liana was lost in the fast-paced culture, and struggled with keeping up, comparing herself to others, and belonging. While wading through the sadness, she came to find that the more time she spent outside in nature, the happier she felt. The more connected she was to the mother earth, the more she felt like she belonged to something beautiful, meaningful and safe. Liana felt documenting that connection through painting was very powerful and invigorating, so it became a natural progression for her to create a career out of that relationship.

So far, Liana has been showing her work around the San Francisco Bay Area. She exhibited her bold, landscape paintings at the WALK IN THE PARK show at Village Theater Art Gallery, Danville, California, in the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, California, and at the San Francisco Open Studios. 

Summer Lake, Chapped Lips by Liana Steinmetz, Oil on Canvas, 24″x24″, Sierra Nevada mountains, California, Sold




I hope my paintings will speak to that part of you that also appreciates and identifies with the magic of the outdoors. I hope they will inspire you to take a deep breath and remind you that you are also part of the earth. I hope they make you feel good.

Painting is a spiritual experience for me. I am not sure who listens to me when I pray, or who sees me when I look up at the stars at night. But I do have profound gratitude for Mother Earth, and her natural beauty I get to be a part of every day.  I cannot imagine a more fulfilling way to spend my time on earth, than making paintings in her honor. Every one is a tribute to this wonderful planet of wild things we call home.

This is also true…”There are moments when I see a landscape and it is so beautiful to me, it is overwhelming to look at. My heart jumps out of my chest, I want to be the land.  I want to be the rain, the wind, the clouds.  However I am just a human in a tiny body.  So I humbly accept my place and do what I can to show my gratitude and awe for the land – I paint it.”



Point Reyes Spring by Liana Steinmetz, Oil on Canvas, 24″x24″

Find out more about Liana on her website, Instagram, and Facebook. Liana’s recent works are available at

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Peggy Millar, Figurative Artist

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

Peggy Millar, Figurative Artist



Entwined Dance by Peggy Millar

In 1980, Peggy Millar started her formal art education, and became interested in drawing the figure. She attended the San Francisco School of Art, where she studied the fundamentals of art. In the 90s, Peggy enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the San Francisco Art Institute, and studied under some of the finest teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Peggy started showing her work ever since 1988. She’s been participating in art shows, open studios, and art festivals in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Emeryville, Mill Valley, Oakland, Laytonville. Peggy drew the book cover, Smoke Women, for Smoke by Dorriane Laux. She exhibited her installations, “Temple of Initial Attraction (2003),” “The Lighthouse (2004),” “The Golden Spiral (2007),” and “Her Secret Garden (2011),” at Burning Man. Her most recent shows include the Group Show at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Francisco, and the San Francisco Art Institute – ACE at Diego Gallery, San Francisco.

Peggy’s current series “Woman” depicts capturing the moment when the figures depicted in the painting are touched by the act they are performing, absorbed in the dance, ritual, prayer, birthing or mothering. In their faces is the feeling or mood of the action and a light that shines from within. Contained in these images are qualities inherent in the female from Peggy’s instinct and experience, shown in the way they dress, move and portray themselves as well as the curvature of the mark making—these are real women, demonstrating the charm of humanity and genuineness. When viewing the images, we can connect with the feminine qualities that are inherent in our own nature, whether male or female. They are powerful and provocative. They bring to light sensuality, strength, compassion and truth. Peggy works in mixed media and enjoys the textures that she creates with paint and paper. Her journey takes her to many places, always going deeper as she weeds through the tangled web of thoughts to find her heartbeat.



Sand Painting by Peggy Millar

Where is the passion? In putting paint on the canvas, the thrill of expressing, a world where art and imagination live!

I have been influenced by many artists that have gone before me: William Blake, Klimt, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Arshille Gorky, Joan Brown, Georgia O’Keefe, Chagall, the San Francisco Bay Area Figurative Artists; so many before me—my teachers and my inspiration to continue. And then there are the artists all around me who keep on—because art drives and exalts them. And I keep on, too, on my journey into the imagination.



Find out more about Peggy Millar and her works from her website.

Celebrating our 117th year in business with #3rdFloorThursdays!

onlineposterWe’re celebrating our 117th year serving the Bay Area with a series of free events. We’ve partnered with some of our creative partners to present some unforgettable events. Admission to events is free, but you must RSVP to get admission (except for Open Studios, for that one, you can just stop by!)

For tickets:

10/6 – Social Hour for Social Impact presented by California Shakespeare Theater

10/13 – A night of Silent Film with Live Music – The It Girl starring Clara Bow

10/20 – KCSM’s Jazz Mattress, new jazz music presented by KCSM

10/27 – An Evening of Chamber Music presented by San Francisco Conservatory of Music

We also are pleased to be hosting ARTSPAN Open Studios on 10/22 & 10/23, with over 12 artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft.

#3rdFloorThursdays #ThanksMcRoskey

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Brian Huber, Abstract Artist/Sculptor

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

Brian Huber, Sculptor and Abstract Artist
Brian Huber, Sculptor and Abstract Artist



Braided Series – Braided Flows, Brian Huber

Brian Huber was raised in New Orleans in a house full of art and artists. His earliest creative influences were his mother Janeth Murray and aunt Lynne Gleason – both successful artists. Part of the creative gumbo was his grandmother Sculptor Rai Murray. A music filled studio, the smell of fresh paint and piles of paintings to name are fond memories of the time at home. Brian studied Art and Architecture at the University of Louisiana.

He spent numerous years designing and orchestrating events for major television studios and corporations. For five years Brian split his time between New Orleans and San Francisco. After a few years in the city he moved to the eclectic houseboat community in Sausalito. He now lives with his wife in Marin County and is grateful to have more time in the studio.

Brian’s work is based on the abstraction of landscapes, architectural elements and the impact of man on the natural world. Raised in New Orleans, Brian was influenced not only by an unconstrained culture and the rhythmic motions of blues and jazz, but also an environment where hurricanes could change or destroy everything in minutes.

Brian transforms landscapes and manmade forms into something new. His pieces represent physical changes on a grand scale—anything from the construction of a beautiful building to the devastation of a man-made disaster. Brian cuts and manipulates giant sheets of acrylic paint to create the distinctively sculptural texture of his pieces. The constant change of light and shadow alters the color and pattern of his creations, breathing life into them.

Braided Series – Turning to the Sun, Brian Huber


Brian’s previous series include Water Rising, which deals with the rebirth of his hometown New Orleans after Katrina, and Barrier, which was inspired by man-made oil disasters, false barriers between nature and man, and the recovery energy that resides in deep in the swamps, gulf and wetlands. In his next series, Follow the Line, Brian explores what lives on either side of the imagined lines we concoct for ourselves to cope with life. His Veil series introduces a discussion about how the hidden veil we all wear distorts our views and alters the way we consume reality. This discussion continues in the Circle Back series, which plays with light and shadow on wrought ironwork found throughout New Orleans. In his Braided series, Brian focuses on the abstracted interpretation of the braided rivers and glacial moraines of the Denali Alaska landscape.

Circle Back Series – Atchafalaya, Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped Panel, Brian Huber



Find out more about Brian from his website, Facebook, or Instagram.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Dawn Leigh, Contemporary Artist

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

Dawn Leigh
Dawn Leigh, Contemporary Realism Artist



Picnic Poetry – Red Wine on Paper
Picnic Poetry – Red Wine on Paper, by Dawn Leigh

Dawn Leigh, a self-taught emerging contemporary artist, is a bona-fide student of life. She has her Bachelors of Business Administration from National University. Prior to earning her BA, Dawn studied at San Diego State University and MiraCosta College. Although she is a talented entrepreneur, her passion has always been fueled by creating fine art.

In 2013, Dawn Leigh took the leap and started showing her works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where her work was featured in Island Art: Express Yourself in The for Espressions and More at Spritzer’s in Alameda, CA. In 2014, Leigh showed her collection Wine, Women and Song at Etcetera in San Francisco. In 2015, she was one of the artists featured in Pancakes and Boozes in 111 Minna Gallery and RAW: Exposure SF at Ruby Skye, along with being awarded by the jury of Hidden Gems of the Tenderloin: Artistic Gem. In the same year, she participated in a group show at Space 236, San Francisco.

Dawn Leigh has been enjoying being part of the diverse San Francisco Bay community ever since she moved to the Bay Area in 2012 with the purpose of exploring the urban lifestyle and culture of San Francisco. Prior to the move, Dawn Leigh lived in North Coastal San Diego County for over 40 years.



Touch – Red Wine on Paper
Touch – Red Wine on Paper, by Dawn Leigh

Exploration of the complex interactions around me has been the focus of my work. We are surrounded by the environment in our quotidian travels, often ignoring significant details. By acknowledging an individual talent, style, character, or existence can one begin recognize the being as part of our world. Individual complexity becomes facets or layers to build on while creating. It is all about exploration of the subject, layer upon layer. With each layer more depth and insight is brought forth. The deeper I go into the details, the more the subject becomes alive and luminous. Each facet of life deserves to be acknowledged.

Personal discovery is one of my main interests with the exploration of these layers. Each time I begin a new piece, I learn more about the interactions and the mastery of conveying the subject. In the spirit of the 1960s and 1970s photorealistic painters, I find inspiration for my pieces by working from a photograph. However, I find myself taking steps away from more traditional mediums and surfaces. In an endeavor to challenge myself and expand my skills I use a variety of drawing and painting techniques employing ink, graphite, watercolor, and even coffee and red wine.



Chevy, 2013, Dawn Leigh

Find out more about Dawn Leigh, her works, and her journey in the world of art at her website:


And the winner is……..

#SleepYourWayToTheTop Contest Logo
The #SleepYourWayToTheTop contest has just came to a close, with some pretty close voting coming right down to the wire.

We are pleased to announce we have two winners, the Audience Choice Winner, and the McRoskey Staff Pick (selected by the very people who will be making both winners’ beds!).

Audience Choice Winner: @mertsmith

Help release me from mattress hell 🔥Like this photo so I can win my dream bed NO sleep till McRoskey! The mattress matters! #TimeForMcRoskey #SleepYourWaytotheTop
Help release me from mattress hell 🔥Like this photo so I can win my dream bed NO sleep till McRoskey! The mattress matters! #TimeForMcRoskey #SleepYourWaytotheTop

McRoskey Staff Pick: Lilian Klosterman

"There's no way I'm sleeping on that old, leaky air mattress! Let me see what I can find for this poor girl on McRoskey's website..." #McRoskeyMattressSF #SleepYourWayToTheTop #TimeForMcRoskey
“There’s no way I’m sleeping on that old, leaky air mattress! Let me see what I can find for this poor girl on McRoskey’s website…” #McRoskeyMattressSF #SleepYourWayToTheTop #TimeForMcRoskey


We want to thank everyone that entered the contest, and everyone that voted.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Hines, Fine Painter

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

The Artist Hines












Abundant Light
Abundant Light by Hines

The Artist Hines was born in Queens, New York in 1956. Hines is a full time artist who began as a pencil artist producing meticulous figurative and surrealistic renderings on paper. While living in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994, Hines began exploring oil, creating figurative and erotic surrealistic oil paintings.

In 2000, Hines’ interests switched from realism to abstraction, and he began studying artists from the New York school of abstract expressionism, particularly Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, and Franz Kline. For the next twelve years, he devoted himself almost exclusively to his new style of Intuitive Abstract painting.

In 2012, Hines returned to representational painting with his new Totem/Film Strip series. These new works are produced on elongated canvases, incorporating interesting but incongruous images together on the same picture plane subdivided by a horizontal or vertical line suggesting an element of both time and allegory. His new narrative paintings express his feelings and opinion on the natural beauty of all women and their struggles.

It’s All About That Red

Hines moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 2003 and lives in Sausalito with his wife and son. He participates in numerous art shows and festivals, and performs paintings demonstrations. He teaches privately and hosts a weekly class, Mastering Acrylic Painting at Riley Street Art supplies in San Rafael.


Abstract Tangerines by Hines

Learn more about Hines from his website. His portfolio is available at


ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Fernando Reyes, Figurative Painter

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes, Figurative Painter


Quiescent_Oil on Canvas 36"x44"_2015
Quiescent, Oil on canvas 36″ x 44″ x 2″, 2015
Rain, Monoprint with woodcut 19" x 26", 2013 (Framed)
Rain, Monoprint with woodcut 19″ x 26″, 2013 (Framed)


Art is a second career for Fernando, who spent 17 years in banking in San Francisco. A change in career led him to seek a formal art education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in 1997. Fernando’s studio is located in the Jingletown neighborhood in Oakland at the Ford Street Studios.

Throughout the years, Fernando has produced a large and diverse portfolio of artwork. His work is primarily representational and includes printmaking, drawings and paintings. His primary interest is in depicting the human figure. These works have captured the attention of collectors throughout the region, nationally and internationally.

Fernando’s work has been acquired for the art collections of Stanford University Medical Center, Alameda County Arts Collection, Amoco Corporation, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Tom of Finland Foundation, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and George and Cynthia Miller Wellness Center and numerous private collections.

See more of Fernando’s works on his website.


Drawing from live models allows me to depict the beauty, strength, and sensuality of the human form. Thematically, my work is very much about body language, the conscious and unconscious ways in which our bodies communicate, typically with greater eloquence than verbal language allows. My primary interest is in depicting the human figure which is straightforward and representational. Lots of my works are representing a single figure. Others, however, through the juxtaposition and overlapping of multiple figures, can appear somewhat abstract. I’m a big fan of using the traditional methodology to produce works that are completely contemporary. My most recent paintings reflect a departure from the linear aspect used in my earlier work, inviting figuration to move a step towards abstraction. Although my influences for my figurative work are broad in scope, my new abstract works are reminiscent of movements of abstract and midcentury modern art.

Script II, Oil and collage on wood 30" x 30" x 2.5", 2016
Script II, Oil and collage on wood 30″ x 30″ x 2.5″, 2016
Poetic Grace IV, Oil on wood panel 19 3/4" x 19 3/4", 2015
Poetic Grace IV, Oil on wood panel 19 3/4″ x 19 3/4″, 2015

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Kaytea Petro, Sculptor and Illustrator

McRoskey Mattress Co. is proud to be hosting San Francisco’s Open Studios artists in our 3rd Floor Factory Loft on October 22nd and 23rd. In the lead up to the Open Studios weekend, we will be featuring the artists that are showing with us in our blog.

Kaytea working in Jianshui, Yunnan, China in the studio of master potter Huang Muzhong.
Kaytea Petro, Sculptor and Illustrator



As an undergrad, Kaytea studied at the Florence Academy of Art, the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with honors from UC Santa Cruz. After sustaining an injury at work that prevented her from making 3-dimensonal works for almost ten years, she started to experiment with clay about five years ago. Since that time, she has brought her activism, and deep concern for social justice and history to the making of ceramic sculptures and installations. Her recent body of work, Lethal Force, was inspired out of an intense sense of injustice and lack of accountability from people sworn and paid to “protect and serve” and her desire to create a safer and more just world for herself and her friends.

Momento Mori, by Kaytea Petro, 2014.
Momento Mori, 2014. This installation commemorates the 1108 people killed by police in 2014.



Momento Mori, 2015. Kaytea Petro
Momento Mori, 2015. This installation commemorates the unarmed people killed by police in 2015.

“Officers, why do you have your guns out?” 

– Kenneth Chamberlin, retired Marine and victim of police homicide

The long-festering problem of police violence in America has come into sharper and sharper focus in the past two years. In 2014, 1108 people met their end at the hands of people sworn to protect and serve. That’s more than three people every day, all year long. With numbers this big, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the individual tragedies that comprise this faceless, institutionalized horror.

In 2015, I decided to start taking a look at the faces of every person killed by police in 2015. I started to research them and learn more about their deaths. What I have found is deeply sad. Many of the victims of police violence were people experiencing mental distress – suicidal impulses or acute mental illness – whose families or friends had requested help from the people who killed them. In other cases, it’s unclear whether the victims were actually armed and dangerous, as the officers claimed after the fact. Still others were victims themselves – domestic violence and assault – that were accidentally shot by nervous, trigger-happy police arriving at the scene.

Ontology Plaques, 2015. Iron Oxide Image Transfers on Glazed Ceramic

Police training and the use of force by police officers has come public scrutiny in the two years since I started this series. Citizens have questioned structures and policies that have disproportionately targeted communities of color and poor people.

As an artist, I am powerless to change the government structures and practices that result in the untimely deaths of so many people. Through my work, I can create more witnesses to these tragedies. My hope is that this series will spark a conversation that enhances police crisis training and changes gun use policies in the country that I love, protect and serve.

Ghost Photos, 2016. Iron Oxide Image Transfers on Glazed Ceramic

You can find out more information about Kaytea on: Her Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Celebrating 15 Years in Palo Alto with Wine Wednesdays

In 2001, we opened our store in Palo Alto; we wanted to better serve the needs of people who live on the Peninsula, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz. Fifteen years later, it’s time to celebrate!!!

All September, we’re hosting Wine Wednesdays from 5-7pm in Palo Alto. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Ridge Vineyards. Our mutual drive for excellence and deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship makes us natural partners, and honestly, who doesn’t like to have a nice glass of wine in bed? Stop by, meet the people from Ridge, listen to some eclectic music, and relax with us.

Here’s the music lineup:

9/7 – DJ Jujubaba spinning Downtempo Grooves

9/14 – The Inertia Group blending funk, soul and their own brand of Emo

9/21 – Terrence Brewer astounding us with his Jazz guitar stylings

9/28 – DJ & Producer DF Tram bringing us International Chillout