Why Should I Buy Quality Bed Linen

Your Mattress Matters … and so does your bed linen.

Quality bed linen pleases the eye and pleases the body!

A nicely made bed is comforting. Imagine looking forward to getting into bed at the end of your very busy day.

quality bed linen

For the best of sheet sensations we recommend linens made from Egyptian cotton woven and finished in Italy. Our favorite weave is a percale weave: it’s crisp and it’s cool. You’ll be investing in divine comfort that is heavenly!

About Egyptian cotton:

Impacted by perfect conditions of humidity and rich soil along the Nile River, Egyptian cotton grows into long fibers that result in properties of softness, strength, durability and breathability.

About Italian linen:

Quality bed linen making has been part of the Italian culture for centuries. These artisans sew, cut and finish sheets better than anyone else in the world. The resulting product is of the highest quality, best value and a most luxurious feel.

Linen Care Instructions:

  • Wash separately in warm water on a gentle cycle with a cool rinse.
  • Use a non chlorine bleach detergent and use only half the recommended amount.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach; when necessary use an oxygen based bleach.
  • If possible, line dry. Otherwise shake out damp linens before placing in dryer; tumble dry on low heat until slightly damp.
  • Remove promptly, smooth, fold and press if desired.

A tip: Iron your pillow cases and iron the top 18″ of the flat sheet.  Your made bed will look fit for royalty. That would be you!

Where to Buy:

As a service to our customers, McRoskey Mattress provides the highest quality bed linen. We source only the best and have chosen linen products from Malouf and Anichini. In addition to Italian linens we sell other premium bedding including down pillows, duvets and featherbeds from Northern Feather Canada and The Pillow Bar; blankets and toppers made in France by Brun de Vian-Tiran. All are available at our Palo Alto and San Francisco showroom and online as noted on our website.

BESPOKE in RED – A Red Cross Event 10-1-2015

Block off your calendar!

Join us on October 1, 2015 for BESPOKE in RED, an event benefitting the Northern California chapter of American Red Cross.

McRoskey is one of the sponsors of this stylish event taking place at the Bespoke Event Center in the Westfield Shopping Mall in downtown San Francisco, and hosted by JAKE, our second floor tenant formerly known as the Artful Gentleman.

Bedroom Dream

Don’t miss this opportunity to win your very own McRoskey mattress—we’ll be raffling off a Natural California King mattress, one of our most popular styles.

You can purchase raffle tickets and view the mattress displayed on a Designer Series Leggett & Platt adjustable bed base, during the event.

BESPOKE_In_RED-300x153Details and advance tickets for the Red Cross Event are available here.  RED attire encouraged.

The event will feature the debut of JAKE’s Fall/Winter 2015 BESPOKE Collection, libations from ORO San Francisco, music from DJ Carol C, and the world premiere of JAKE’s original fashion film. Finally, look for Jake Wall of JAKE on this season’s Project Runway!

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